Book One – Three Kisses in Honiara

Book One – Three Kisses in Honiara

Three Kisses in Honiara - The Edge, War and Romance in Paradise by Ronald Benjamin, historical fiction

Three Kisses in Honiara

The Edge, War and Romance in Paradise

This book relates to the UN aerial survey operation of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate in 1966, its conduct under the most extreme conditions and the character of those involved. With the operation in crisis due to tropical weather and rugged terrain that testing the pilots nerves and endurance to the limit. 

Taking on this challenge Ron joins in on this adventure as pilot number eight. The on the edge flying, as told gives the reader an insight into near catastrophic occurrences as they occur. The larger than life air crew correctors, out to make the most of their time come what my with the aftermath earning them an admirable reputation as rogues, not the last by mounting  a Viking Raid, There is the intimacy of romantic interlude set in this tropical paradise.

Moving on the book takes the reader with Ron on his journey from his start to the conclusion of the survey, then on transit to Sydney and being grounded by LBJ, and his ultimate career decisions. The wartime events within relating to relevant WW 11 threats to Australia and the Solomons add intrigue to this adventure.

This is a story very close to Ronald’s heart and is a rollicking good adventure of pilots flying at the edge in the Solomon Islands. At the end of the book one is left with the notion that there is still more to come.

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