Book Three – The Adastrians

Book Three – The Adastrians

The Adastrians:

They Searched the Earth with Keen of Eye While Life's Adventure Passed Their Way

Having flown for Adastra Aerial Surveys for six and a half years on some of the most demanding aerial survey operations, with fellow crew members who gave their all in order to deliver good end results, sometimes under the most extreme operational conditions, I am compelled to relate their typical experiences as a tribute to their efforts, individual characters and memory.

What is truly remarkable is the entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s founders, its successful management through times of adversity, steadfastness in their duty of the air crews through difficult operations, at times life-threatening and even ending in tragedy.

It took the participation of many individuals of diverse origin, skills and personalities to create such a page in history as that created by the Adastrians.

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