Pleased to have you visit my website, trust you enjoy reading my book of historical fiction set in the Solomon Islands as much as I have in writing this true to life adventure. I would love to hear from you.
Ronald Benjamin, author of Three Kisses in Honiara_ The Edge, War and Romance in Paradise, historical fiction


Three Kisses in Honiara - The Edge, War and Romance in Paradise by Ronald Benjamin, historical fiction

Three Kisses in Honiara

The Edge, War and Romance in Paradise

This book relates to the UN aerial survey operation of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate in 1966, its conduct under the most extreme conditions and the character of those involved. With the operation in crisis due to tropical weather and rugged terrain that testing the pilots nerves and endurance to the limit.

Verses of Another Kind

The book name, Verses of Another Kind, was inspired by my mother’s book of poetry, Poems of a Kind. These verses are a varied collection that have sprung to mind or have been inspired by events and issues. With no particular genre in mind other than to entertain, these verses have in store youthful exuberance, the essence of life, and mischievous and out-of-this-world characters.
Three Kisses from Honiara and Verses of Another Kind by Ronald Benjamin, memoir and poetry books

The Adastrians:

They Searched the Earth with Keen of Eye While Life's Adventure Passed Their Way

Having flown for Adastra Aerial Surveys for six and a half years on some of the most demanding aerial survey operations, with fellow crew members who gave their all in order to deliver good end results, sometimes under the most extreme operational conditions, I am compelled to relate their typical experiences as a tribute to their efforts, individual characters and memory.